Windchime Lakes Home Owner's Association, Inc

July 2019 – Newsletter

Dear Neighbors,


Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 28th.  We will be holding a neighborhood party at the Clubhouse from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.  Come out and meet your neighbors, while enjoying some great food.  Watch for signs in the community as the date gets closer. Please remember, no glass containers at the pool.


In recent weeks, the communities in Rainbow Lakes have experienced a rash of car break-ins.  This past weekend, they came to Windchime Lakes.  Thieves walk through the community at night, going to each home and shaking car door handles. If the vehicle has been left open, they take whatever valuables they can find.  A couple of cars were even stolen in Cinnabar and Bay Estates. Although we have cameras at the front entrance, we have not been able to identify anyone. They can be dropped off outside our community and walk in while avoiding the cameras. Our gate is not a security gate; only a deterrent.  

What can we, as a community, do to prevent future losses?  First and foremost, make sure you take all valuables – including your car keys -- out of your car before you go inside for the night, and DOUBLE CHECK that you have LOCKED YOUR CAR.  It is rare that they will break glass to get into your car.  Secondly, if you see something suspicious going on, say something. We are a Neighborhood Watch community. Our neighborhood falls under the jurisdiction of the Palm Beach County Police, not Boynton Beach Police. The non-emergency number is 561-688-3400.  In addition, leave your outside lights on all night long.  It can be a deterrent because they prefer the cover of darkness to carry out their deeds. In addition, we have no soliciting signs at our entry and if you see solicitors in our neighborhood, you should contact the non-emergency number above.


You may wonder why our gates have been open for over a month.  The answer is two-fold:  first, we had a lightning strike, which knocked it out and all the cameras. The new cameras were installed last week. Secondly, we have installed a new gate access system, and we are waiting for Comcast to install the new internet services so the new gate system can be operational.  We were told it would take up to 60 days, and hopefully the work will be completed by July 31st.  Until then, the gates will remain open.  Your current clickers will continue to work, and there will be another option to the clicker, – it is a card that attaches to your windshield (similar to Sunpass) and the cost should be around $15.00.  

Follow us on Facebook – search for The Estates (Windchime Lakes), answer three questions and you will get access.  We also have a new website under construction – you can find it at  Also, you may want to join Nextdoor, a site which connects all of us to our surrounding communities.


We have maintained the same colors for our homes and roofs, however, over the years the paint manufacturers have changed the names of their product.  We are in the process of updating our book of colors and hope to have it available the first week of September.  Please feel free to contact the management office to get a list of the approved colors.


If you have not already given your email address to our Property Manager, Carolina Property Management Services, please do so.  We would like to communicate with our community more often, and emails are the most efficient way to do so.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.   Please call 561-968-2182 to update your email address.


We have had some requests to move the time of our Board meetings to a later
time. We will start our next meeting on August 26th at 6:30 p.m. to see if we can increase audience participation.


Please comply with our pet policy.  All waste should be picked up and disposed of properly.  Tossing it into the lake is not properly, regardless if it has been bagged.
On behalf of your Board of Directors,

Carlos Rodon, President   

No Events at this time.